Posted on Sunday, March 17th, 2019 at 2:12 pm

The birds have really picked up in the last couple of weeks. One thing I have noticed is how the seed eaters are gorging on the cherry laurel berries. While the high levels of cyanide in the cherry laurel can prove fatal to most animals if ingested, the birds have no problem feasting on them, and their digestive tracts help create a vast number of volunteers. And it gives my truck incentive for a much needed trip to the car wash.

The owls have been hooting up a storm at night. I hear the great horned cranking it up several times a night.

Woodpeckers have been fussing outside the window, sounding almost like fussing squirrels.

And the cooing of doves is in full swing. They are truly comic in the way they take in a lung full of air and then cut loose.

It’s spring. The birds are back and making their presence well known.

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