Posted on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 5:43 pm

Recovering from cleaning up Sarah’s email accounts. She used IMAP, and nothing was deleted from the server for over two years. I was inundated with all sorts of spam that I never get because of my 140+ email filters. Well, actually, it was one of those dumb hacked/bitcoin blackmail things that sent me there in the first place to change the name on my website contact email.

So, inspection on the truck is delayed a few days. That’s okay, I still have over a week.

Ordered a new iPad 128G today. Saw one at BestBuy a couple of weeks ago, $100 off. Well, that sale ended, as I feared it would. I scoured the web and found the same sale at Walmart. Not in stock at the local store, but 2 day delivery. Also got the Apple Pencil (1), which is the main reason for the upgrade. It’s a standard 9.7 inch, so it will fit the mike stand holder, same as my Gen3. I’ll have no problem with putting the music book on it, and there will be a lot more storage. YEAH!

I put off buying the office chair until April. I need a payday, considering 6 mo. truck insurance and registration. Not that I couldn’t afford it, but I don’t want to drain the bank too much.

Temp in the mid 70s. House is open and Myka’s ear muscles are working overtime. Ahhhh.

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