Adventures in iPaddery

Posted on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019 at 4:27 pm

Got the Space Grey iPad 9.7 128G Wifi yesterday. I booted it up, did the initial configurations, performed a fresh backup on the old iPad, then performed a restore on the new one to migrate everything over. While it was rebooting, it froze and was non-responsive. I called Apple Support, and they said make an appointment with an Apple Store for a clean installation. (I really dislike the proprietary nature of iOS.) I said, well, okay, but first I’m going to try letting the battery drain to see if it boots cold.

Then I waited 21 hours for the battery to drain completely. (A long wait… Darn the long life batteries.) I got nothing but a battery charging graphic for the first few minutes, so I put it aside to allow it to reach minimal charge. Once it did, it booted properly. I’ve been configuring and updating by the dozen, and arranging, and and and. Contacted Apple Support and told them problem resolved. Haven’t found time to test the keyboard or pencil.

I did have one app that dropped all my data, giving me a new ID unique to the machine. I haven’t figured out how to transfer the old ID over to the new installation. Grrr. Not turning loose of the old one until I get this resolved.

Sort of glanced through the changes, as there are quite a few. One thing I need to figure out is how to easily change illumination. And there are a lot of apps that I dropped for space sake that I will bring back, especially the graphics apps that relate to the pencil.

I always dread whipping a new machine into shape. I need to find a new mike stand holder and get a longer and sturdier charger cord. Details, details, details and the devils in them. I have to take rest breaks so that my head doesn’t get too achey/fuzzy.

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