Posted on Friday, March 29th, 2019 at 7:03 pm

Took a run out on the backroads west of Brenham this sunny 80°F afternoon for a look at the progress of the wildflowers, and they are just about to peak. It was a very enjoyable drive, with some very intense fields of blue bonnets and paint brushes. I didn’t take a camera or stop, but I saw a couple of places to grab some classic images without an overload of tourists.

Waiting on the iPad accessories, which are scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Had a fairly slow end to the week. Dealing with medication side effects, mostly the hydralazine. I found periodically skipping a dose keeps the side effects down without raising my blood pressure. Fast pulse and low pressure are the primary symptoms, but being generally fatigued and feeling drugged aren’t helping.

Enjoying the warmth, opened house, which is forecast to take a leave for a few days, hitting bottom on Sunday. It should be back to high spring by the end of next week.

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