Posted on Sunday, March 31st, 2019 at 10:47 am

Warming to 50°F this morning. I wish I could say it’s the last of the 40s this spring, but it’s not. Two more nights of chill and wind to endure. It will soon be time to wash the alpaca.

Got the iPad accessories from Amazon. The mike stand holder was not up to snuff, but the rest of it was. I especially appreciate the 6 foot power cord, allowing the pad to be moved anywhere on the desk without issue. I ordered an iKlip Xpand from Musicians’ Friend. I expect it mid-week. The bracket for the holder will serve as a tripod mount for video.

Made eggs ackley for dinner yesterday. With the cool weather, I will be cooking the next few days. Risotto, fettuccine alfredo, and more.

Well, to my surprise, the deposit cleared the the bank today, on a Sunday. That is unusual. When the first is on a weekend or a Monday holiday, it’s usually clearing on Friday, rarely Thursday. Can’t remember a weekend clearance. It usually gets deposited a few days before and then clears appropriately on a weekday.

Anyway, I bought the office chair. The price kept dropping. I first saw it at $319, then$269, the $189, I bought it at $169. A few minutes later, I saw a listing for $129. (Note: Turns out these are refurbs from returns.) However, shipping was much slower and scheduled for around Spring Fling. So I didn’t do a swap. I expect delivery on Wednesday.

So now I can sit back in style and not spend money for a while. (Except for Spring Fling.)

Two racks of baby back ribs thawing in the sink.

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