Posted on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 at 4:07 pm

The office chair arrived, and I wrestled all 53 pieces into place. It is a monster. Definitely a big and tall chair, and I barely qualify for either, considering the way the chair is built. Definitely in the heavy armor class, almost an LZB equal. But it is well cushioned and shaped. A few new habits to be learned, but it will last, I am sure. Now I need to get Myka not to be afraid of it. (She better not scratch it.)

I had hoped to go to Music School tonight, but the chair took precedence, and I’m just not up to a turn around. The party is nine days away, and I can handle my few errands there. So I am sitting around waiting for the Fling. All my purchases and bills are done, not spending money other than food and gas and party items, and very little of that, as I’m well stocked.

The house is open this afternoon. A tad humid, but otherwise enjoyable, especially after wrestling with chair assembly. The forecast looks as if the house will be open for quite a while. The cool weather looks to be a thing of the past. YEAH!!!

Not sure if I will be able to migrate the app data from the old iPad to the new one. The further I dig into the matter, the less it looks probable. I haven’t given up yet, but the hopes are dimming. The developer seems to be interested only in raking the money.

Not going to do much for the rest of the day. I have put in my quota for the day. My neck is acting up, and even the arnica isn’t fully curing it. It feels like it’s time to skip one dose of the Hydralazine. I may call in and talk to the doctor.

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