Posted on Saturday, April 6th, 2019 at 10:54 pm

Made a store run after dark. Not a big list, bread, provolone, cookies, cat treats. The gas station had run out of regular and plus, so they offered premium at regular price. I wish I had had room for more than 4 gallons.

I have been fighting fluid retention due to the meds, and today, I managed to drop eight pounds. I hope to maintain the momentum and drop even more fluid weight tomorrow.

Having a quiet weekend. Been staying in as the rain mostly passed to the west. Taylor got whomped, but we got less than 0.5 inches. Trying to get myself ready for the party next weekend. I plan on packing light.

Got the two iPads squared away, the duplicates eliminated, each with a full set of apps accordingly. I may download a few new ones on the 6th gen, but it won’t be any concerted effort to do so, just here and there.

I’ve decided to cook some baby limas, thawing ham for it. I should be able to kill that off by next weekend. The freezer actually has some space to spare, and the variety is excellent. I am starting to run a little low on pork loin, but not enough to buy another one yet. After all, I have all those baby back ribs that are essentially pork loin on the bone.

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