Posted on Friday, April 26th, 2019 at 1:56 am

Strawberries finally got down to $1/lb. So I bought a couple of packs to puree. I will probably get a couple more before the end of the sale.

Bought a new folding stool in my move to grade up the places to sit around here to overkill. This one will require no assembly. It’s rated at 350 lb. Kitchen duty and for playing music in public. Due in on the first, Myka’s birthday (new box).

Finished the jambalaya. Now for sausage gravy. Then spaghetti.

Seeing more signs that the neighbors are moving out. Sleeping during the day has me missing live details. Deer head still buried there, so they’re not done yet.

The new headphones arrived this afternoon. They are charging now.

Didn’t sleep much this morning, woke at 10 for meds and didn’t go back down. So I’m not getting much done today. Passing time in the usual down time way. Pureeing strawberries and making gravy are still on for later today.

Myka scratched me last night at the end of a brushing. She got kicked out of the office and ignored. I finally let up and gave her her wet food.

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