Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2019 at 2:42 pm

Things are definitely improving physically, now that I’m off the irbesartan, hydralizine, and chlorothiadone. It hasn’t completely cleared my system, though mostly gone. Stamina is much better, lower back is hardly painful, lethargy is fading, and I can handle aerobic exercise in stride. This is not to say that I’m 20 again, but the improvement is marked.

The weather is warming up (87°F). A store run had the truck on the “warm” side (some might call it hot) while sitting in the parking lot. Got spare fuses and fluffed out the kitchen paper and plastic stock, and a bundle of microfiber rags. Dropped about $80, all told, over half being for groceries. (I got a coconut cream pie, as they had a coupon for free whip, which will go well with the pound cake. I may even thaw a tub of strawberry puree.)

Ready to start testing the truck tomorrow. I read the manual and checked the fuse box, so I’m ready to roll on it. I’m feeling up to a day of work. If time permits, I may even rebuild the shifter.

Watching I Married a Monster From Outer Space, Paramount ⒞ 1958.

Work crew was next door cleaning up the vegetation. That to me signals that the property has been surrendered. Hopefully the back yard will be cleaned of dog stools and sodded. It’s getting too warm for the odor it creates. They’ll never be able to rent it the way it is.

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