Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2019 at 6:43 pm

Worked on the truck, though it was all maintenance. Topped off the battery, filled the tires, checked all the fluids, tightened the camper shell’s clamps. Filling the tires require charging the battery again for several hours. So I didn’t get around to testing for shorts, nor did I rebuild the shifter. There is tomorrow, if it doesn’t rain. I’m not in a huge hurry.

One good thing, I got to take a close look at the main electrical distribution box under the hood. That is where I’ll start testing, rather than the interior fuse panel, which is mostly key on circuits.

Had no problem dealing with the work. I am doing considerably better under the valsartan, and the old meds are fading away even more. Staying on my feet isn’t a huge deal. My back is doing much better. It is a case of night and day.

Work is ongoing next door, people coming and going, a buzz of activity. I keep wondering if any of the people are tenants. One kissing couple with a young daughter looked like a good candidate, but I am not at all certain. One thing, the trimming of the shrubs left the afternoon sun to hit the desk window without shade for about an hour in the late afternoon. Not particularly thrilled about that.

I’m in for the weekend, taking care of the dogs Saturday and Sunday. New rescue puppy in the house, just spayed. Stacy is the temporary name.

First degree burn on my left hand, removing food from the microwave (baked potato, butter, cheese, pork loin). It all ended up on the floor and ultimately in the trash. Not bad, a quick ice cube took care of any possible blistering. Three main spots, base of the thumb was the worst. I might not be playing guitar for a few days, but it won’t otherwise be hindering me.

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