Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 2:00 pm

It’s summer, days in the low 90s, nights in the 70s. Nothing unexpected.

Made a store run for the compression socks, and they just came out of the washer. They shouldn’t take long to dry. Also got Myka a new cat food, Friskie’s Indoor, which she definitely prefers. Could be because of the greenery mixed in, since she’s not getting any oat grass. But she definitely prefers it to the Purina, which she hasn’t touched in a side by side.

Still haven’t tested the truck. This morning was an active one. Chores, laundry, cleaning, garbage, and stuff. Still have a couple of things to do before I cash in for a siesta. Fill the ice bin. I need to apply some Combat paste, as the roaches have gotten less scarce in the last couple of days. Closing in on 90°F today.

Doing well with the brisket, spaghetti, coconut cream pie routine. Topped off the sketti dispenser with a 24 oz package. I am growing to like it very much. Enough variation on the other things to keep it from getting boring. Got milk for the potatoes and something else. Mashed potatoes and sausage gravy might be the answer. I don’t expect a store run this extended weekend, stay hidden.

Thinking a ribeye, a loaded baked potato, and steamed carrots for Monday.

I may tackle the truck tomorrow. I say may, because the word “will” is not working. I won’t have nearly the chores tomorrow that I did today.

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