Oven day

Posted on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 at 8:16 pm

The prevailing rain kept the temperature down today, enough to crank up the oven for curly fries, onion rings, and recipe chicken. Gumbo is next, which will use one of the quarters and some shrimp. It all fits in the freezer, minus the gumbo, chicken quarter, and ribs. So the power eating is not as intense as expected. Good to get the baking and roasting done before we don’t see any more cool days.

I have everything set to go for the LZB surgery, but today was too humid for gluing. It hung in the upper 90% range until the sun was diving downward. Myka is having a condensation licking marathon.

On a new ice cube diet. I finally used up the last of the silicone tray lot and filled the bin to a heaping level from empty with the seven new trays. I am very pleased with the ease, and that it will need filling about half as often. Now if the trays last for any length of time, I will be thrilled.

HEB had the gall to put quality sirloin on special when I am fresh out and have zero room for any in the freezer. Pffft. No tenderized marinated steak for a while. I’ll just have to be happy with rib eye, tenderloin, and brisket. And pork loin, baby back ribs, ham, turkey, chicken, shrimp, and… The gall, I tell you.

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