Posted on Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 4:25 pm

The La-Z-Boy is back in place, back in service, back in my heart. The curing was sufficient for use, though it will continue to cure for a week. The screws and dowels are sufficient to hold it together while it finishes curing. My, but it’s nice to doze off again, and to wake up without having to get up off the floor.

Got most of the chores done. Airbed deflated and folded, Myka’s bank boxes back in place, kitchen floor mopped, ice bin filled, dishes washed, all items back in their default locations. I’ll be cooking the chicken/rice dish later. And a brisket sandwich to make before that. A load of laundry. But the majority of work is behind me for the day. Back to SOP again…

Been watching the collection of Keystone Kops. Interesting history of scandal and tragedy that surrounded the studio.

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