Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2019 at 12:44 am
Last Night 3:41AM

It was a humid day, and it’s being a thunderous night. Didn’t get much done on Sunday, at least outside. Got a supreme pizza and mozzarella, and the storm cooling made the kitchen well suited for an oven run. 3/4 is sliced and in the fridge.

Got Myka a 24 pack of Friskie’s Extra Gravy styles. The salmon is her favorite, the beef I’m not too sure if she will eat the chunks. But the gravy is always a winner.

I started this blog ten days shy of ten years ago, and this is the 1000th entry. (This, being cardinal, means there are 1000 posts inclusive, but the last of the first k, not the first of the second.) An average of 100/yr. That is roughly twice a week. It’s served two purposes, letting people who care know my general state of being and dating my creative endeavors. I know the dates for requesting recordings of me playing at parties and jam sessions. I have a good idea when I rendered what and what was paralleling the work. It’s been a useful search tool.

While round numbers have a certain appeal, they are, after all, just numbers in a flowing sequence. The destinations are only markers that serve the journey. ♫ You know you can’t memorize zen… Smile at someone, begin to begin.

♫ The wheel is turnin’, you can’t slow it down.
♫ You can’t let go, and you can’t hold on.
♫ You can’t go back. and you can’t stand still.
♫ If the thunder don’t get you, then the lightnin’ will.

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