Posted on Thursday, June 20th, 2019 at 9:32 am

Yesterday morning, the dew point was 80°F. Walking through soup. Today, the heat index is forecast to be 110°F. The Gulf is working its humid charm of summer. AC time.

It has almost dried out from the rains we had Sunday night/Monday morning.

Lost electricity for 30 minutes last night due to a downburst that passed through with a small rain band. Was barely a sprinkle, but the trees were dancing up a storm. Wind gusts were measured at 46 mph. The outage covered several blocks.

Did another thaw, brisket, baby back ribs, and ground chuck. The brisket wasn’t intended, removed with the impression that it was ribs. I sliced up the remaining ham, the brisket, and ribs (diced for tacos). The effort was separated by the blackout. The only reason that I’ll need the cutting board is to dice ham for a stovetop dish. I was thinking of doing the chuck as sloppy joes, but now I’m wavering on that. Not sure that I want 4 big burgers either. Too soon for a spaghetti repeat.

Waiting on things to dry out before continuing on the truck. Changing tactics from measuring voltage and resistance to unplugging stuff when I resume, and I don’t want to accidentally drop something under the truck on wet ground.

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