drying out

Posted on Tuesday, June 25th, 2019 at 1:04 am

The dew point dropped Monday morning from 80°F to 69°F in less than 10 minutes, thanks to a rain storm. That isn’t a contradictory as it might sound, since dry air moves under moist air, forcing it upward to where the humidity condenses and forms rain. The temperature dropped from 82°F to 70°F, so the humidity stayed up near 100%. But saturation at 70°F and saturation at 82°F are two totally separate critters when it comes to the effect on the human body.

So the low temperatures are in the low 70s now, not the 80s of the last couple of weeks. So it’s much easier to deal with the weather outside the AC in the office. I set up the fan on a barricade in the front door frame, set up to where Myka can’t get out through the tattered screen door. It makes a big difference being able to actually cool down the house overnight.

With all the news of hackers and cyber warfare in the news, I decided to update the backups of all the hard drives and SD cards in the office. Not that I fear intrusion, as my security is tight, but rather hard drive failure being my biggest concern. So I’ve started the cycle, which means that I’ll not be surfing the net as much to avoid RAM issues that could drastically slow things down. Instead, I’ll watch movies or do things outside while the weather is more forgiving.

The good news is that the dew point will stay in the low 70s for this coming week. That will allow me to work on the truck. I juiced up the battery today to prepare for that effort tomorrow. So I am hoping to finally track down the short. I have moved from measuring values to the next stage, disconnecting branches.

And it’s just in time to cook stuff, as I’m running low on the ready to eat things like pre-sliced brisket sandwiches, diced baby back rib tacos, etc. The kitchen will be bearable in action. I just know it won’t be burgers. I had my fill and then some this last week.

I am glad to see the soup gone.

And an interpreted line from Attack of the Giant Leeches, “Just remember, a wounded rubber suit is twice as dangerous.”

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