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Posted on Sunday, June 30th, 2019 at 8:31 am

I discovered the hard way recently that YouTube is repressing hashtags in the comments, even if they aren’t hashtags. Example, if you write F#m as a chord designation, YouTube algorithms see it as a hashtag and blocks the comment from public view. Only you can see it, if you are logged in. You need to designate it as G♭m, which is a keyboard nightmare. Thanks a lot, Twitter.

Jambalaya got made, and Myka is thrilled about the shrimp and scallops. Half a gallon left over after a big bowl last night. I killed off the cornbread before I made the jambalaya. Dicing the chicken (+ skinning and deboning) and ham was a hurdle the availability of cornbread kept in check.

Dew point this morning is 70°F, air temp is 71°F. Won’t see 90s until the 4th. Not complaining, but the daily rains are kind of a crimp in my aspirations. 40% to 60% chance for the next four days. But the kitchen should be fairly busy, with at least one oven lighting, maybe 2 or three.

Got paid early this month. At first, I thought I would, but the first is on a Monday, so that is usually not a cue for early deposit. So I wasn’t expecting a Saturday clearance, especially when it wasn’t on the account Friday. I ended up paying bills earlier than normal. Got $100 on the GoPhone, so no payments required for a year.

Managing to stay relatively busy. Tonight is the bi-anual archiving. Doesn’t take too long, but it keeps things in the office putting along smoothly.

Polished up Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat. That was a Montgomery tune (pre-2007) that never made it to PDF. Still, fun to play, and Myka likes it.

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