Posted on Monday, July 15th, 2019 at 7:32 pm

Saw the doctor today, got prescribed a mild diuretic and Celebrex for my back. Waiting for the temp outside to drop to go get them. They had to be ordered from another location and they hadn’t arrived when I went over this morning.

Haven’t gotten over to AutoZone about the alternator warranty. Medicine took precedent. Time is not a big issue at the moment.

It’s warm out there at the solar concrete realm of 36 @ 290. Got to 97°F in the shade today. Heat index of 109°F. Dew point at 78°F. Thanks, Barry. I think we got a couple of drops.

Another eight weeks of summer to go. Life creeps forward through the warmth. Sleep as much as possible during the heat of the day. Some days are better than others. Texas summer nights… an old friend.

At least I got in my store run today. Found salmon pate with extra gravy for Myka. That should punch her ticket tomorrow.

Sun heading downward.

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