Posted on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 at 12:36 pm

Had the office open to the breeze this morning, 70°F with a dew point in the 50s. It’s nice to open the room to some fresh air. Myka enjoyed the open door and open window too.

But the office is closed back up, and the AC is on, as the temps rise into the 80s for the PM. But I expect a repeat tomorrow morning. So I’m not having any great sorrow yet.

Took two rib eyes out to broil tonight. One will go back in the freezer for August. The other will get devoured fairly quickly. One more chunk of the country style rib still exists in the fridge, which is getting pretty thin.

Tomorrow should be alternator day. I need to go over to AutoZone again for a question, I might do that this afternoon. It might have been today, but I was watching a stream from Congress, like many people.

The celebrex is working pretty well, but there are still limits to how long that I can stay on my feet.

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