Posted on Monday, July 29th, 2019 at 8:11 am

Posting from a newly installed clone of the boot drive of my MacBook Pro. I was fortunate to create a USB stick clone on July 4th, and I used it to repair directory damage on the 23rd. I again used it on the 28th to restore the internal hard drive from a base erasure and rewrite of the partitioning.

I suddenly found that my cookie manager wouldn’t launch, and a clean delete and installation (with all support files saved) showed that it wouldn’t handshake with Safari. Console showed that it wouldn’t accept a null statement in a shared library. The choice was to try and repair the system using files from the clone or replace the system. I opted for the latter for two reasons: 1) the stick clone was operating properly, 2) with the erasure, it defragged the drive that was becoming Finder fussy.

I effectively lost a few weeks of data on the system, but no big deal. I dumped the caches for Safari, backed up the iPads, and made a few minor updates. I did a backup of the drive to the 8T, so I didn’t truly lose anything, but I haven’t drawn anything from it yet. I replaced key user data folders to the stick before the restoration, so all I lost was a couple of software updates and some machine data. I was methodical to minimize and recover the loss.

So far, so good. I will probably replace the software updates in the next day or two. And I recovered an extra 10G on the drive.

So now I get to make a store run. I was hoping to buy a battery for the truck today, but the online store says they are out of stock. The next best alternative is an extra $70. I’m hoping the battery lasts long enough for them to be back in stock. I’m hoping I don’t need to charge it this morning before the run. (Nope, charger connected.)

The nice cool front has ended. Dew point is currently 76°F. Bleeech.

Got the cheapie battery ($57) for the interim. It has a 1 year free replacement warranty, it will get me through the transition, and they should have the 5 year warranty batteries in stock when it dies. It will get me by and by.

Also got everything on the shopping list, though I will no doubt go back tomorrow for sale items. Alternator, too, at least the front end. I put some mileage on the dogs today. My back is fussing when I move, but all the cold stuff is put up. Not in a huge rush on the rest. It’s already topped 90°F at noon.

Got a couple of nice prime sirloins. I could have gotten more, but these are 1.5 lb (24 oz) each. That is enough.

I am resting for the rest of the afternoon.

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