Plumb August

Posted on Thursday, August 1st, 2019 at 12:25 pm

Got the hot water faucet fixed on the bathtub today. I just lit the water heater. Now I need to reassemble the bathroom. Then I can take a bath.

It was too soupy this morning anyway for working on the alternator. I have the battery and all the tools ready, I just don’t have the alternator yet. I prefer to keep the time between getting the new alternator and returning the old one as brief as possible.

Not doing much else. Got paid, paid the bills. Will be another day that hits 90°F before noon. Five more weeks (give or take) of summer.

The MBP laptop is humming right along. Haven’t missed anything yet. Two repairs down, one to go. Naturally, it’s the longest one that finishes last.

Made contact with an old friend this week, too many decades removed. That has brightened my week considerably.

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