Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2019 at 4:13 pm

Yet another 100+°F day in a row, the 5th so far. Forecast says two more before we drop back into the 90s for highs.

The weather convinced me to buy five frozen entrees, which are rarer for me than eating out. I got chicken/broccoli rigatoni, beef teriyaki, chicken/veggie stir fry, shrimp scampi pasta, and personal supreme pizzas. All of them are microwave items. A good solution for hot day meals with a minimum of prep work and stove time. So far, so good. I was picky, and it paid off. But I don’t plan on making other people’s cooking a habit.

I also plan on thawing brisket and making a batch of cheese risotto, since I have the milk for it. I also have sausage gravy leftover for baked spuds, all for the evenings when the kitchen is cooler.

Dew point in the upper 70s at night, at least it’s not in the 80s. That is the real drudge, the humidity. It’s not so bad during the heat, in the 60s, but come sundown, it rises in a hurry.

Not getting much done. I am still running errands. I’m not afraid to be outside, I just don’t cherish the idea of making it hotter. I’ve survived it my whole life. It’s much more SOP than a whine.

I am sleeping plenty, but not in long spells, more scattered across the day, with one main spell for cleansing. Trying to sleep through the heat of the day, but that’s not working yet.

Still watching old scifi. Tracking down the movies from Science Fiction Double Feature that I haven’t watched recently. Six down, five to go. But there are plenty more in the queue. What Roger Corman did to me as a kid…

(In lyric order) The Day the Earth Stood Still*, Flash Gordon*, The Invisible Man, King Kong, It Came From Outer Space, Doctor X, Forbidden Planet*, Tarantula*, Day of the Triffids*, (Curse) Night of the Demon, When Worlds Collide*.

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