Free at last

Posted on Sunday, August 25th, 2019 at 6:13 pm

Dixie made an escape from the yard today after I clocked off the job. Messed up my whole afternoon. The horde is now in the house, after being let out one last time to take care of business. All keys, etc. are there. I am off the clock! Two hour ETA.

Working to make space in the freezer for a pork loin. I expect to get one Tuesday, last day of the sale. I know what I need to thaw and eat by when. (A pound of shrimp cocktail, chicken/broccoli alfredo…) I’m taking tomorrow off, going no where, doing no thing, no how.

Truck is still on local duty only. The weather will break eventually, and I’ll get the alternator swapped out, the new battery in, and the distribution box short discovered. The old battery is charging now.

Auto insurance got posted online. I am pleased it is there before the first of the month, makes it quicker to bounce back. If I’m frugal enough in September, I’ll be back on mark by October’s deposit.

Well, I still have enough daylight to hop in the tub…

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