Denim, cool weather, and fettuccine alfredo

Posted on Sunday, October 13th, 2019 at 1:00 am

The second front came through. Been in the 50s and a little of the 60s for 42 hours. The AC is off. The thermostat is operating the furnace smoothly.

I ordered two of the denim shirts, delivered to the door. It’s in budget. Due in a week. If they work out, I’ll get two more in November. The alpaca sweater is treating me well.

Haven’t restrung the Egee yet. I’ll get around to it.

Myka is quickly getting back into cold weather habits, like making a blanket hammock between my calves, taking residence in the aerie, and scootching all over. She is a happy cat.

Got a new aerator for the kitchen faucet. I was filling Myka’s bowl, she sitting in the other side of the sink, eagerly supervising. The aerator cartridge split along the base circumference, and KAWHOOOSH! Myka was airborne before the first heartbeat. Fortunately, no one got wet. I went to Lowes this morning and got a swivel stream/spray nozzle. I can now rinse the far corners of the sink without the aid of a spoon. I wish I had a 5 hole sink. Also gave the bathroom sink a fresh aerator cartridge.

Alternator swap on the horizon.

Rib eye/provolone taco today ended the steak. Made a chicken fettuccine alfredo using one of the breasts of the rotisserie bird I got on whim. Still have some sausage gravy to finish off. Most of the milk got used, less than a cup left. The freezer is topped off, a remarkable inventory.

I’ve been doing pretty well, all told. I’m not scootching like Myka, but the season is giving me inspiration. Things are getting done.

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