Denim sleeves

Posted on Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at 3:04 am

Been wearing one of the new denim shirts for 18 hours now, and I am pleased. They are the right size, everything fits, no constriction, sleeves are proper length, the snaps are pretty easy. I will definitely order two more.

I am reluctant to thaw anything from the freezer. Killing off the last of the brie now. The chicken stock rice is the last item surviving in the fridge. I still have an urge for popcorn shrimp. Spaghetti in the near future.

I missed getting garbage out to the curb. I don’t do that often, and this time was because I slept through the usual time I take it to the curb. I also slept through the time of day to swap out the alternator. *sigh*

60s outside, windows closed, no central heat tonight. No AC either.

Going into the weekend. I could hear music from the downtown clubs when the windows were open. No football music this weekend.

Still playing music myself, though still on old strings. I don’t seem to be very inspired lately. The long summer didn’t help me shift gears. I need to rev up, but the body is not cooperating. I don’t feel bad, just slow. Edema isn’t helping.

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