Ping pong

Posted on Monday, October 21st, 2019 at 9:05 pm

Texas has two seasons, summer and ping pong. I have made note of this in this blog eight times before. We are seeing the arctic make a lob shot over Texas, bringing a dash of swift thunderstorms and modest rain. But temps are mild, low 80s instead of 90s. I have yet to re-don the denim shirt or light up the furnace. Windows were shut in the upper 70s, and they’re now in the upper 60s outside, heading for the low 50s. The sleeves will return before sunrise.

Made a burger tonight, bacon and gouda to adorn it. The package of ground chuck in the freezer was 1 lb, shy of the standard for sketti sauce. And I had considered a run to Whataburger, so it was a logical progression. I have enough for a second bacon gouda burger. And I may get avocado for this one. I also have a section of pork tenderloin thawed. That will probably join the wedge of Jarlsberg in the fridge.

Planning a quick late night store run. Four items on the list, under $15. In and out. I’ll get to make a social debut in the new denim, caught live on surveillance cameras.

Hoping to do the alternator swap tomorrow. It will be a good day for it, specifically the afternoon. I need to get it done. I’m hoping it will happen, I am feeling better, the weather is right.

I need to get to Bryan to cash a check while it’s still valid. I want to play some music with others too. Don’t get me wrong, I am comfortable here. But one can’t sit in one place forever. Even with online purchasing.

If I go to Bryan Wednesday, I may wait to restring the Egee. Better a little flat than excess harmonics and stretching out of tune every song. (I knew I’d find an excuse.)

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