The lost art of packing

Posted on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019 at 9:33 am

I haven’t packed for a road trip in over six months, namely Spring Fling. Myka is not going to be happy. Granted, packing for a music school takes less than an hour at a relaxed pace, less than 30 minutes with effort. Still, she will immediately know what I’m doing and will not be happy about it.

I have done the other tests and calculations. The distribution box drain is showing at 18 Ω. At 12 volts, that equates to 0.66A, or about 8W. That means it would take at least four days to drain the battery (eight days for a 100% drain of the 130A reserve). The alternator is 75A, or 900W. I am confident that the alternator will not be diminished by that much extra draw, and while running, the battery, engine, et al, should not be impaired. I will pull the negative terminal from the battery when parking, as I already have been doing. As long as something drastic doesn’t happen, I am good to go.

Looking forward to the visit. I haven’t played music with anyone in six months. It’s about time…

I have to say I am not alone in elation that summer is over. The 80+°F dew points took their toll all around. Everyone I’ve encountered is celebrating.

Two and a half hours left of hanging close to the vest at my leisure.

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