Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2019 at 10:24 am

Came back last night, confident that the truck would make the trip, and it did. Had a good time. Played a lot of music. Voice was the first to go. It was a fun 12 hours. I slept longer last night than I have in quite some time.

Highway 50 was closed south of Independence. The detour was about three times longer than the closure. So I came back by 6 and 105.

A couple of things stand out about my return to the highway that indicate my lack of familiarity. First was driving at 70 mph in 4th gear. I had forgotten a couple of times that there is a fifth gear, having not used it in 6 months. The other was not checking the road conditions map online before I left.

Cashing the 5.5 month old check was an experience. I got grilled by one of the bank officers. Fortunately, I had cashed checks there previously, and they had visual records.

Gas was more expensive in Bryan than in Brenham. That doesn’t happen often. I need to top off, as it was too late when I got back to town. Only the four corners Valero was open, and I was more concerned about getting home.

Got complements on the pork tenderloin that I took to music school. It vanished. Nothing in the fridge. Took a pork loin section out of the freezer to thaw. Contemplating what else to thaw. Maybe one of the sirloins.

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