Posted on Friday, October 25th, 2019 at 1:03 am

Another volley by the arctic, bringing a patter of atmospheric applause. A fairly thick band that’s not in a big hurry to pass through. Windows shut to hold in the warmth, as the outdoors drops below 60°F. Northerly breeze kicking up.

Been a tired day, lots of no pain, no gain. No stranger to it, though not so much recently. Haven’t moved much today, often postponing a refill or eating because I’d have to get up. Gravitatively challenged. No store/gas run. A couple of naps after a long crash. 23 hours home and I haven’t even unpacked the Egee.

I think I’ve caught up on everything now. Headphones were on more than their share today. A couple of times they were left connected and idle.

My voice is in good shape, but not sure how long it will hold. I played a little shy of two sets, and I should be near four sets for TRD. Not sure if I will get that far. The count down begins.

I need to cook, not to prevent from starving, but to get active doing something. And I have an avocado. Ugh. Bad timing. Pork loin eggs ackley. That’s ultimately doable (sans bell pepper) without going out in the rain.

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