Posted on Monday, October 28th, 2019 at 6:05 am

Got three new pair of jeans this morning. Ordered two more of the denim shirts after I got back home. Those helped make the $185 over limit on the bank account go away. Topping the gas tank and a few odds and ends finished it off. Ah, the 3 am store run, no lines, no traffic, own the aisles.

So now I have three sets of jeans with four matching shirts. I have six pair of jeans that are to some degree faded and well broken in, but those don’t color match the shirts. They match the four old denim shirts that lost their elbows. Jeans are now in the washer after being thoroughly sniffed by Myka.

Need to make spaghetti sauce. Been procrastinating for too long (eggs ackley full tummy syndrome and pork loin tacos). I also need to fill the ice bin. So I will spend a little time in the kitchen this morning.

Nice weather 80/60 for the next two and a half days. Thursday night (Halloween) will see the first 30s of the season. Not that unusual to have a coldween. Chance of rain in the transition late Wednesday.

It’s a nice feeling to have the truck operating nominally. Makes me want to spin wheels. But I’m still sitting here.

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