Chicki chicki

Posted on Wednesday, November 6th, 2019 at 2:30 pm

Went to the bank in Navasota this morning, a very pleasant drive on a mild and sunny day. Picked up a big box of Popeye’s spicy chicken and a couple of biscuits. That ended up being four biscuits, as they lady at the drive thru forgot to give me the biscuits, so she gave me a couple of extras when I circled back for them. So the chicken is in the fridge, a portion to go into the freezer.

That joins the jambalaya, brisket, brats and half a country style pork rib that will go in dirty rice. And skin on, gold potato home fries are on the horizon. Not needy in the kitchen.

The weather is gorgeous today, sunny, 83°F, light southerly breeze. A cold front with high probability of thunderstorms is forecast for tomorrow afternoon.

My routine chores are done. Laundry needs to come out of the washer in a few minutes. Not feeling very ambitious about the shifter rebuild, though there won’t be a day like today for weeks at a minimum. But it’s not a necessity, I’m used to the loose shift pattern. Sunday would be the next window, a little cooler, which is not a major issue. It has been a fairly busy day, so I don’t feel guilty if I opt out of the operation. It’s not strenuous, but it is awkward.

There is not a whole lot else going on. Following the news, a few movies, though not the usual pace. Put Waltzing Matilda in the book. Got a new prescription drug insurance, changes at the first of the year. I have two 90 days scripts coming due in early December. The valsartan is due early in January. Might be wise to get it before the new year.

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