Fajita turkey tacos

Posted on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 at 2:27 pm

Eating from the last chunk of turkey in the freezer. It may not make it until Thursday, but it was the correct week, halfway between party and holiday. And it isn’t traditional turkey.

Had a minor relapse last night, sure sign that I’m not over this bug yet. A good thing that I had not switched back to celecoxib yet. Doing okay this morning, which marks the seven day point. Still a touch of tightness in the trachea, so not calling it in.

The IR thermometer arrived, and I like it. Not quite as accurate as the oral, but definitely better than the temple contact one. Different results for different locations and conditions. IR thermographs have long shown that. I still have the oral for when I think I’ve exited the fever period and need an internal reading. But it’s there for “How cold are my toes?”

Garbage just got picked up. The one I missed last Friday has left the premises. Whew!

I should venture a sterile foray to the store today and avoid the TG frenzy. I’d get another turkey if I had the freezer space, but alas. Two idle freezers and, to quote Ricardo, “Nowhere to plug it in.” But I need bread and hash browns. Maybe milk. I could do with a cheese risotto. Brie sauce? Later tonight, toward closing time. I’ll give it some thought. I need to kill another $80 by Thursday night. HEB will be closed Thursday PM. No new sale until next week.

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