Posted on Monday, December 2nd, 2019 at 5:32 pm

I finally cooked today, a batch of cheese risotto. A rib eye will follow this evening. Still bouncing between up and down. Caught up on everything except laundry, and that happens in a bit.

Some of the fever spells, while low grade, have been rather aggressive, withstanding a 440mg dose of ibuprofen as a fever reducer. But when I’m feeling good, it’s equally as strong. Salivary glands almost back to normal. Hopefully this is the virus’ last stand. It has been 13 days, and it’s due to collapse within 24 hours.

Longs spontaneous naps are still the rule and seem to help when I sprout a fever. And eating still assists in losing consciousness. Myka has been taking advantage of my time in the LZB and lap parking a bit, wanting to be pet, more than normal. Logic tells me it’s the cold feet needing warming, but she is in the attitude. She’s on the desk more often, wide eyed, looking for pets as well.

Got the replacement debit card. It’s been activated and updated on the few web sites were I use it and keep it stored. The old one was getting a little iffy in the card readers, so I’m glad to have it.

Doctor appointment tomorrow, a routine blood pressure check on the meds. Go see the doc when I get well…

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