Posted on Thursday, December 5th, 2019 at 1:17 am

Well, the fever has faded, but I’m still in the subnormal range. I saw 98.6°F briefly, but it didn’t linger. A few little complaints, but they can be ignored most of the time, and I still tire easily, tail dragging at times. So the bug is gone, the restoration is in progress. It’s encouraging.

I got the rib eye broiled tonight, ate a bit of it. One of the pork tenderloins is gone, eight and a half to go. And a quarter pound of the brie is gone, 12 oz to go. The risotto has one more serving left. Life could be worse.

Doctor said I look pretty good for having been mugged and rolled so brutally. Lungs and heart sound good. The scripts are treating me well. Got a script renewed, picked it up today. Did a little shopping while I was at it. I found a pair of $10 walking shoes that fit pretty well. I don’t expect them to last forever, but if they make it through the winter, I’ll be happy.

Warming up again. I had the windows open in the afternoon and will this afternoon as well. May be a touch cool Friday and Saturday for airing out the house, but Sunday and Monday will have lots of warm hours for opening the house.

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