Temperature train wreck

Posted on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 at 12:07 am

Currently at the front end of a 50 degree nose dive, having gone from the 80s a few hours ago to a current 64°F. It will end in the 30s on Wednesday morning.

Ate a couple of cold marinated pork tenderloin and brie sandwiches a little while ago. I will make the brie disappear. I have eggs ackley to cook, enough to freeze half a dozen or more breakfast tacos as well a plate for the avocado. Also sausage gravy to go with the bag of spuds. I have some cooking to do, now that it’s turning cold.

Entertaining attending Music School on Wednesday. I have a check to cash at BoA. If it’s too cold Wednesday night, I’ll stay over, just for safety sake. I need to play music with people.

Nights are getting long enough to induce light deprivation. As usual, I will be glad to see the days getting longer. I have no problems with the night.

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