Eve’s eve’s morning

Posted on Monday, December 30th, 2019 at 12:57 am

I have been treating my guitar pads with my Swiss Army knife’s file and virgin coconut oil. Trying not to spit out the core plugs. Playing a few songs a day to keep them active without stressing them. They’re still a little sore when playing, but not painful enough to make me stop. Just enough to remind me not to overdo it. No predictions yet.

Went shopping yesterday, getting all the NYD stuff. Got half a pound of Boar’s Head pastrami. Also a fresh jar of virgin coconut oil (old one is about 9 years old, though still good for external use). Still trying to make the jambalaya disappear. One more piece of unfrozen chicken. Fresh pound cake for the strawberry puree. Cheesecake sampler. Jumbo avocado, yikes.

24 hours to pay day. 48 hours to NYD computer housekeeping. Later today, take my new prescription insurance card to the pharmacy. Not a whole lot action for as many events that are taking place this week. Most are just note and remember. I’m just about there for the new year.

Feeling pretty good. Throat still a little tender, but it has been since solstice, and it is definitely improving. It’s just not quite 100% yet. Overall, in pretty good condition. A bit more R&R and I should be whole again.

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