Change of menu

Posted on Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 at 9:32 pm

The baked potato soup has been dropped from the plans. In its stead will be sausage gravy & spuds, and dirty rice w/ pork tenderloin and chicken liver. This accommodates the pan sausage and liver that I got at Brookshire Brothers with the prepped ingredients for the soup. The split pea soup and risotto will follow. Then steak.

Two evenings of music ahead. Tomorrow, heading to Bryan for music school. Doug promised many questions about the iPad. Thursday will be a 90 minute jam locally at Pioneer BBQ by the tracks downtown. I will find out if I saved my pads or merely postponed the inevitable.

Windows are open at 9pm. They’d be open all tomorrow if I wasn’t leaving town. But I have until Saturday to enjoy it. And I plan on enjoying it. I’m sure Myka will enjoy window gazing. Definite a mild winter, as predicted by NWS.

Myka just got a workout. She was ultra skootchie and needed to shed some energy, pestering me to no end. She’s hugging cool bare floor with eyes closed in satisfaction.

In a holding pattern for tomorrow, nothing major starting until I get back. Nothing needed in the next 30 hours that doesn’t pertain to the turnaround. I might make gravy tonight, or the dirty rice.

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