They’re alive!

Posted on Thursday, January 16th, 2020 at 12:10 pm

The pads survived music school. YEAH!!! My voice gave out first. High praise to virgin coconut oil and virgin shea oil. I will be able to make the jam this evening.

Headlights went out temporarily on the way home. It was after using brights on 105 between Navasota and Washington, after crossing the Brazos. They went out three times, and were restored by turning the switch off and back on. After the third time, it had no further problems. But it is something that definitely needs an inspection, with lots of ideas about what may have caused it.

Looking at lightning to USB (female) adaptors. I’d enjoy using mouse, flash drive, iPad to iPad, etc. Amazon seems to be the place.

I need to cook. Don’t feel like it at the moment, but I need to cook. Sausage gravy and dirty rice.

Windows open. I forgot to shut the windows before heading out yesterday. Fortunately, Myka didn’t attempt an escape. But I am enjoying the short sleeve lifestyle while it lasts. Next week will be a cool one.

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