Posted on Friday, January 17th, 2020 at 8:21 am

The jam downtown was fun, though sparse. There were just four of us, not too unusual for the first time, and I was the only leader. I played a few songs that weren’t 70s radio, but most were. I stayed mostly on the upbeat, and people were bopping and smiling. It was a fun audience. And the owner fed us, I had the brisket chili. All in all, a good time, and I headlined in downtown.

My pads and voice survived. I have the oils to thank for saving the pads. I have no desire to perform music today. The Egee is still packed.

Today is a cooking day, sausage gravy and dirty rice. I’ve been eating too much food that other people cooked. Laundry and garbage are the chores for today. Otherwise, it’s catching up on my dailies and resting.

I had to close the windows about 1 am as the temp went down into the 60s. They’ll be opened again when the sun warms things up. Enjoy it while I can.

I ordered a lightning to USB female adapter for the iPad from Amazon. I also got a 10 pack of cheap mouse pads to fill out the $25 for free shipping. It will be a while before I need to buy more. From what I see, it’s shipping from San Antonio, and the package could be here tomorrow.

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