Posted on Sunday, January 19th, 2020 at 12:14 pm

The shipment came from Fort Worth, not San Antonio. And the adaptor works, capable of transferring files to and from select applications. It doesn’t work with the old iPad because it doesn’t have a compatible structure. Good thing is that I can drop mp4 movies on the USB stick and play them on the new iPad while on the go, without transferring files to the pad’s memory. I can also draw straight off an external drive.

I went to the store and got gas about 10:30 am, thinking it would be a good time to avoid the crowd… NOT! Ugh.

Got the sausage gravy cooked, a very distinct flavor not attained with tube pan sausage. The risotto needs to be cooked in the next day or two to use up the milk. The dirty rice turned out quite well, very similar to a mild boudin from southern Louisiana (I-10). All in all, eating well.

Doctor appointment Tuesday morning for an annual physical. Filled out the questionnaires online. Doing well, so not much to worry about. Otherwise, nothing on the calendar for the next couple of weeks.

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