Back to back

Posted on Sunday, March 15th, 2020 at 11:44 pm

My back went out on me yesterday, possibly the result of the diverted fall from the porch. It flared after I woke and sat in the office chair for a couple of hours. It was a swelling that pressed the vertebrae into the nerve trunk. At the rate it’s receding, I would venture to say that there is no disc damage.

I made a store run today, and I was able to transverse the store on my feet, though I did lean on the cart from time to time. It has gone from struggle to get to the bathroom to doing prep in the kitchen this afternoon. So it is a short lived issue.

I have diced the chicken and pork loin. So I’m set to start cooking when the urge hits me, the stuffing right away, the baked potato soup requires the potatoes to be cooked and peeled. I could hold up for well over a month if the need arises. I am well stocked. I’m working on some of the cornbread that’s not going into the stuffing, so my appetite lacks an urgency.

COVID-19 is spreading faster in terms of confirmation, and testing is still not up to snuff. Every state except West Virginia is reporting cases now. It is approaching critical mass, though the risk for Washington County remains low. I am keeping an eye on it, as that could change at any time.

I have plenty to keep me entertained in lockdown. Several points in my life have prepared me well for enduring isolation. I could manage it, as long as I have internet. I have already set up a series of major movie collections to watch. Nothing stopping me from taking a drive to see the flowers.

Got a coconut cream pie today. I let myself indulge on an impulse. But I need to kill off the strawberry puree first.

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