To jam or not to jam…

Posted on Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 at 1:10 pm

I am debating whether to play in the Thursday jam session one last time, or play it safe and bow out now. Spending lots of time researching stats, maps, news, and opinions. The nearby case in Brazos County that my doctor used as a measuring stick for dropping out has finally happened. But the county says the risk there remains low. Judgement includes knowing that the stats lag behind reality. I guess much depends on what I see tomorrow at the smokehouse. It may not even be open.

Spring Fling is still on, but I doubt it will be in two weeks. Momentum is increasing with the spread of COVID-19. I think we’ll be too deep into it by then for the risk to be worth it.

I am well stocked for being holed up. I finally got the chicken dressing and baked potato soup cooked. Neither will go to waste. The freezer has ample goodies, and the fridge is not empty. Cupboards are fully stocked. I can be talked into being lazy. Maybe one more store run for munchies, Pringles Goldfish, Reese’s Pieces, cookies, the decadent stuff that disappears too quickly.

I have my meds, though I’ll probably need another lisinopril script in a month. I’ve gone to 30mg, and it’s a 30 day as a trial. I’ve got at least 60 days of everything else. And I have over two months of the lisinopril 20mg left, so I could do a month of 40mg without a purchase.

Ready for when the tide breaks, stock, attitude, and distractions.

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