Posted on Thursday, May 7th, 2020 at 2:03 pm

The last couple of days, there has been a primal scream in the volume of traffic. People are being irrational and careless in their behavior. What I have seen is scary. There is a selfish defiance, a strong reaction of placing personal inconvenience over a slow and painful death of many. Restaurant parking lots crammed full. I saw an elderly woman messing with her nose while punching numbers on a credit card keypad. The roar of traffic has risen dramatically in the last two days.

I got the wrong air pump shipped to me, and had to take it in to the store to get it shipped back to the third party seller. Twice. The online return instructions were not complete. The first time was not a pleasant outing.

Anyway, I managed to get the insanity behind me early this morning when the stir crazed horde was sleeping it off. The shopping list is empty. I have nowhere to go, nothing to buy.

I got the six pack of rosewood tippers for the bodhran today. The lanolin should be here today as well. I found a new favorite traditional tipper. I wish I had the case. But I got into a good round of rhythm, getting aerobic exercise sitting still.

I also got the third and final window guard made and installed today. Myka can now sit and watch me mess with the truck, keep tabs on me. I got the tools put up, so the job is done. Nice to air out the room too.

The chicken dressing turned out well, finally. Things are going well in the kitchen, ahead of the curve. I think a rib eye will be the next thing to be thawed, then spaghetti. But not today or tomorrow. Got plenty to eat now.

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