Posted on Saturday, May 9th, 2020 at 2:29 am

I got the 1/8″ dowel. Of four, two were broken, one was as curved as a rainbow, and one was intact and relatively straight. But there was enough there for my needs, as I ordered more than I needed, so I accepted the order. $2 is not going to break the bank. I can use the hair dryer to straighten the curved one. And I can always order more from a different source.

The slow cooker arrived. Pretty much what I expected, a no frills means of turning a Boston butt roast into pulled pork. I don’t have enough room in the freezer for 6+ lb of pulled pork, but I will eventually.

I also got the headbands, and they are perfect for the fedora. I can bow my head to inverted and the hat stays firmly in place. So that leaves only the scrapers (today) and bodhran case to be delivered. Amazon is taking 18 days to deliver, and I won’t be ordering from them again until they get their act together. I doubt if they need my business anyway.

I am using one of the bank bags I got last year to hold the shorter tippers. I ordered a Meinl drumstick bag from Musician’s Friend, as I expect to need the capacity once all is said and done. It will serve the cajon as well, for mallets and brushes.

A front blew through, so the house is closed up tonight. It’s not frigid, but I expect 50s tonight. The poncho stands ready. A good excuse for being lazy after a period of heightened activity. So is having all the chores done. Not much of an appetite.

Myka is enjoying the front room. The rearrangement suits her, she hangs under the chair most of the time, but also in the big box when she sleeps hard. And she listens out the window for cues to hop up on the sill. She can also stand on hind legs and look outside without making the jump. It will be a good place for her this summer when the office is under AC.

Well, I made the purchase of four Irish tippers (hourglass, double ribbed, brush beater, whipper) plus a clave from McNeela. Now a bodhran clave is not like Latin rosewood claves in the percussion toy box, tapped together to make clicks. This is made of camellia wood and held on the backside to vary pitch of the skin instead of muting. I think that will do on the tippers for now. There are a few I’d like, but they’re all out of stock at the moment. Next month.

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