Da Big House

Posted on Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 at 7:18 am

Myka just frantically tried to make an escape through the window guard in the office. Of course, she failed. The 23 ga 1/4″ hardware cloth is Myka-proof. Best $18 investment that I’ve made in quite some time.

The bodhran bag from Amazon is finally in town. It should see the porch before noon. The bodhran has a beautiful sheen from the treatment, reflecting dispersed light nicely. The skin responded quite nicely to the trio of lanolin, mink oil, and shea butter. It’s ready for the bag when it arrives. The drumstick bag is due tomorrow. The McNeela tippers shipped today from Ireland.

Spaghetti sauce on the schedule for today. Nothing else big on the horizon at the moment. Pastrami and baby swiss will be the first alternative.

The small foot controlled trash bin was a good purchase. It will hold a week’s deposits without odor escaping. Saturday and Wednesday morning will be the days to clean the litter box. Kitchen bag holding well with a week’s worth of trash. I don’t think I’ll ever fill a bag, and now I’ll be using them half as often. The secret is to dump the stinky stuff shortly before taking it out, doing prep early in the week. I’m pleased with the way the new system is working.

Having a slow period, most of the chores done. I’ve started the Star Trek marathon. 1 down, 13 to go.

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