Posted on Saturday, May 16th, 2020 at 9:24 am

Picked up a nail at either Lowe’s or Home Depot parking lots, the kind for tar paper with the sealing disk that makes the point stand up for effective insertion. It also made it obvious that I had a nail in the tire, which I might have missed otherwise. Just got back from the tire shop where it was fixed and rebalanced, no charge. I was considering fixing it myself, but it rained heavily last night. So it was easier to take it in first thing when they opened.

Got three percussion bags, bodhran, cajon, and drumsticks. They are all sufficient quality for the job. The bodhran treatment turned out as well as I could imagine. It has a nice sheen and is well lubed for playing. The research I did paid off quite well. So three bags and a banker’s box hold the sum of my percussion, ready for travel. Six more items for the drumstick bag due in sometime this month, five from Ireland.

Got all the electronic finances nailed down, the stimulus from fed and state deposited, bills paid, etc. No more tracking links for the nonce. Nothing on the shopping list, though I will have a prescription refill to get next week. About $50 over limit and two weeks to whittle.

A trip planned to Bryan early in the week. Will cash a check I have in the desk. Probably grab some Popeye’s chicken. The spaghetti should be gone by then. (The clip on strainer works very well with spaghetti. Poor colander will get lonely.) I’m thinking that jambalaya will be next, though probably after chili cheese dogs.

Got assigned a new physician at the clinic, same floor as before. Introductory appointment on the morning of the 27th. After that, I can fast and get a blood draw.

Myka’s cardboard castle has grown to six boxes, filling most of the available floor space in the front room. She spends a lot of time in there. She is a happy kitty, even when I have the AC on and door shut.

Summer is encroaching, right on schedule. Yesterday hit 90°F. I expect to see more before the month is over, most days forecast in the upper 80s. I think I can put the poncho and wool cap away for the summer. 65°F is the lowest temp I see in the forecast. It won’t get cold for four months, minimum.

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