Posted on Thursday, May 21st, 2020 at 8:56 am

It’s summer, 60s have vanished from the forecast. So a change in attitude is in progress. It’s basically a tightening of stay at home, diminishing the amount of space occupied on a regular basis. Nothing I haven’t seen before. I need to quit sleeping at night, go on graveyard. To bed at 10 am.

The recycling bin is on the curb, complicated by a vehicle parked on the street. I only removed one of Myka’s boxes, the one she wasn’t using. But I took all the paper stuffing to the bin.

I checked the gas tank on the truck, and it sounds empty. So I will add a few gallons to it and give it a try. I know how to change the fuel filter. I hope the fuel switch still works.

I haven’t been cooking. Jambalaya is next, but I haven’t even thawed the protein. Lots of quick options allowing me to be cool and lazy.

Store run tomorrow morning. Pharmacy, grocery.

Hair cut could happen today.

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