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Posted on Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 at 9:02 am

Finally got the jambalaya on the stove, 19 minutes to go. Myka enjoyed shrimp and pork loin nibbles. Scallops were raw and the chicken is not top priority for her. But she’ll get some when it’s done. She is a very happy kitty. I won’t mind it either.

It got all the way down to 79°F this morning. Ugh. Summer is here. This coming week looks wet, temps lower, but the dew point won’t drop a whole lot. Slow and hunkered, even without a pandemic.

Still no hair cut, but not worried about it. As long as it happens before the doctor appointment. Nothing going on this weekend, so plenty of opportunity.

Still having to adapt from the turnaround on Monday. Not bad now, but went through a bit of a restless spell, even while recovering. Getting out on the road and seeing friends makes for a desire to keep it going, even though it is risk taking. I need to drive the truck, stir the rear gas tank a bit, which will help ease it. But I could stand a good party nonetheless.

The jambalaya is setting on the stove. A little early for lunch, but I might eat a little before it cools. I’m sure Myka would concur.

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