Posted on Friday, June 12th, 2020 at 2:51 pm

The final shipments arrived today, heat shrink and brass tubes. I say final, but I ordered a package of 9/16″ o-rings because the 5/8″ were a little loose in some applications. However, they were perfect for the 5/8″ oak beater.

So now I can get started on the brush beaters. No hurry, but I’m fully stocked for when the incentive strikes. They are a bit labor intensive, but not terribly so. The biggest question is how to make the brass tube stay put.

I have a list for the next grocery run, but I’m in no hurry. Nothing on the list is needed today. A list of anticipation and foresight. Example: if I thaw some pulled pork, I’ll need a new loaf of bread.

Had the office opened up last night and this morning. Low dew point let the temps get down into the 60s. It got closed up just before noon.

State of Texas gave me another stimulus bonus. Totally unexpected, but there it was. I am left wondering how many more…

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