Posted on Sunday, June 14th, 2020 at 12:59 am

I have the early assembly on the brass core beater. Next step is gluing the tube to the bamboo. Clean and grit the brass in the glue zone, apply glue, arrange the bamboo, add the o-rings, forget it for three days while it sets and cures. Then add the heat shrink and shape the bamboo ends, once their orientation is fixed.

early stage

This beater is larger than most like it, and more massive. With the 11″ X 3/8″ brass core, it’s definitely in the heavy class. But it works very well with the stainless píopa. Not a goto, but a specialty beater.

I still have tests to run, such as what method to use on the heat shrink, hair dryer, stove, propane torch. What shielding, if any, does the bamboo need? I plan on making an 11″ bamboo brush beater while the E6000 is curing. Maybe a pair, if I have the will. Essentially, gang 22 clipped bamboo skewers in o-rings and dip one end in contact cement. When set, add heat shrink to the glued end and shape the ends with blade and sandpaper. That will answer the questions I have before I finish the hybrid.

These brushes don’t get treated with Danish oil or beeswax, they are bare bamboo because they’re brushes, the strands rubbing against each other, and polymers or wax would interfere. And that is fortunate, as the labor of coating each skewer would not only be masochistic, it would require a different glue.

I got everything I needed on the store run. I even got a 120V/12V tire pump at Lowe’s. It has all the features I wanted on the one I ordered and didn’t get with the returned wrong item. And it was cheaper. Set the pressure and it cuts off automatically. That Sears pump has lasted over 4 decades, it’s deserves a rest.

I thawed some chicken and a pack of pulled pork. I decided to make skin-on home fries, having a fresh bag of gold potatoes. The pork will be a good side. The chicken hasn’t yet been determined, rice, pasta, veggies. It will come. Did in the last of the Popeyes to make room in the freezer. Filled all the gaps in the kitchen stock, bread, butter, cheddar, etc.

Dew point has been in the 50s and 60s, so the window in the office is open at night. Myka can pester me as she pleases.

The new tire pump is impressive. Set the pressure to 36 psi, clamp it onto the tire stem, hit start, wait a few seconds for it to stop pumping. It’s faster than the pumps at gas stations. I am impressed. Less than 5 minutes to get all four tires. Money well spent.

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